#4475 – we've got both kinds, country AND western (europe)!

i’ve been thinking about my frequent-flyer miles, and i guess that i can use them on any star alliance airline. i’ll have to double-check, though, because i only know for sure that i’ve got enough miles for a us airways flight. hrm.

assuming i don’t go to the netherlands for the mini united party thing (still contemplating that one), i think i’d like to maybe go to a different country to do some photography. are there any requests for a country that you would like to see me do some photography of? even if it’s one i’ve already been to, i’d like to try doing some more journalistic / street photos and less touristy-stuff this time around. so, since i’m curious what places people would want to see non-traditional photos of…

speaking of countries, my ol’ next-door neighbor pal elena from when we lived in wisconsin about 22 years ago found me on myspace – she and her family have since moved to australia. funny story: they’re originally from japan, but apparently the japanese food in australia is better than the japanese food in japan, hah!

once i get paid at the end of the month then i can look more into getting a flight and such for kylastyles and senpai82‘s wedding. rawk… if i can get it on us airways then more frequent flyer miles for me!