#4465 – day 1

originally uploaded by globalglenn.

565 photos shot over 2 days = 4 GB of photos when shot in RAW. i trimmed it down to 165 potential pictures, and even then i weeded out some of the not-so-great ones. therefore, the photos i’m uploading of the east coast extravaganza are going to be the best of my best. plus, as practice for my class, i’m actually incorporating captions! go team me!

i only uploaded photos from day 1 so far. day 2 will be edited / uploaded over the next day or so.

let me tell you, though, photography at roller derby is challenging… not just because the girls and refs are whizzing past making it hard to keep things focused and in frame, but you might get crashed-into at any moment (i had to do a sort of backwards somersault when a crash and wayward rollergirl headed straight for me yesterday, it was so totally a matrix move – i was very proud of myself for my reflexes) and so you need to be extra-aware of your surroundings.

i’m really pleased with how these photos turned out. i can’t wait for the bout on april 5 to take more photos and put my skills and practice to use again!