#4460 – heat

man, what is up with this ice? i expected it to rain and be in the mid-40s, but instead it’s been freezing rain and 29°! bruno_boy and i tried to get into my car but the doors were frozen shut and it took forever to break in.

i bought some heating pads for my back. so far, so good. muscles that were hurting me earlier still feel tight, but at least it’s not like crazy pain i had before.

saw “300” with bruno_boy, spelchec and mytinyworld… good movie, better than i was expecting (i didn’t know anything at all about it going into it). i liked the way i think xyloart described it – like watching a very long videogame cutscene, hahaha. best quote of our adventure at the mall:

scraggly-looking middle-aged lady working at nail-polish kiosk calls out to us as we walk by

lady: “hey! you! are your fingernails natural or acrylic??”

william: *not breaking his stride* “natural, of course! i grew them myself and have had them for years!”

*cue me producing a definite laugh-out-loud while walking behind william*

beats me why she was asking us or william in particular, haha…

no call back from laura today. i doubt i’ll hear back since i had tried calling her before and left messages but never got anything back. it’s disappointing if that’s the case, but that’s the way life goes. 🙁 *sigh*

depending on the roads / weather tomorrow i may or may not be driving up to philadelphia to see the roller derby and take photos for my project. if not tomorrow, then on sunday. we shall see.