#4458 – teacher's pet

it’s long so i cut it in two:

woke up at 3:15 am and left the apartment at 4 am. went to annapolis to get a tie to wear to the funeral, but i couldn’t find my ties at home… i guess they’re somewhere in the apartment that i don’t know about? i ended up having to borrow one of dad’s ties; good thing he was awake when i was there. drove up to new york city (no traffic other than trying to get through one intersection in brooklyn where a pothole was being fixed) and arrived at the church around 9:20 am. my coworkers and i stayed for the funeral mass, but i don’t think any of us were going to the actual burial since we figured that was more of a private family thing. i feel bad for julia’s daughters… one is 16 and the other one is even younger. there might be a third kid too, i’m not sure. rumor is that the kids are going to be split up too, and she was apparently afraid that might happen.

drove on back home and going back through brooklyn i saw crazy brooklyn drivers firsthand. man, no wonder the baseball team was called the “brooklyn dodgers”! double-yellow lines were more of a suggestion, people were parked in the middle of the streets, roads were like the surface of the moon, and it was general mayhem. at one part i thought i saw one guy trying to write down license plate numbers of troublemakers, and at another point i saw two cars turn a one-lane road into a two-lane road. i saw cars in all sorts of states of disrepair that were somehow still rollin’ on the roads.

i got screwed up coming back, though. i missed my turn and ended up going on the new jersey turnpike headed north. when i got to the toll to enter the turnpike i thought all of the lanes were ez-pass lanes, but it turned out that only the ones at this toll plaza with the ez-pass sign were ez-pass lanes and that you were expected to take a ticket for the turnpike at any of the other gates. well, i drove slowly through the gate waiting for the “EZ PASS PAID” sign to light up but once i was through the plaza and the sign didn’t change i stopped and poked my head out of my window and looked back at the tollbooth. unfortunately the tollbooth operator had left the booth so i didn’t have anybody to ask what the deal was with the ez-pass and continued on the turnpike and exited at the first stop to try to turn around. unfortunately (again) i accidentally ended up on the turnpike headed north when i meant to go south… the left-hand lanes were for some roads i didn’t want, the middle lanes were for 95 north, and the furthest right-hand lane was for 95 south. the way the road appeared, though, seemed to have the furthest right-hand lane actually be a maintenance road so when i heard “stay right” i stayed right… on the 95 north lane.

eventually i got it all straightened out but man was it frustrating. i wonder what they’ll do about no entry into the turnpike yet still making an exit? i bet they’ll have some way of matching my license plate up to my ez-pass and just hope that they don’t end up charging me the fee for traveling the length of the turnpike instead.

i stopped off at one of the rest areas on the turnpike for lunch and i SWEAR i saw the real-life version of comic-book guy from the simpsons… EXACTLY. it was uncanny, and more than slightly disgusting!

for my photojournalism class we have to do a term assignment. originally i planned on doing mine on the baseball season starting up, but after thinking it over and seeing my instructor’s reaction to my latest assignment i think i’ll do it on the local roller derby leagues.

in class we were discussing our assignment plans and when i mentioned the roller derby my instructor was intrigued. i told him that the baltimore sun already did a report, but he said that’s ok, i can do my own spin on it.

we had to turn in 10 photos today with captions of a sporting event / community event, and i turned in pictures of the roller derby bout from a week or so ago. i picked out my 10 best photos from the bout and turned those in, and after seeing my instructor and the class’ reaction to the pictures i think i will do it on the derbies. i was cracking up when he was displaying the photos in class today for critique…

instructor: “wow! excellent photo!”

class: “ooh!”

instructor: “woah! buttshot!!”

instructor: “nice and close! great shot!”

instructor: “excellent emotion!!”

instructor: “what the…?!”

instructor: “and another buttshot! hm… and you said you wanted to do this for your term assignment? i really like this idea!”

class: “BAHAHAHA”

instructor: “…and i’m going to have you do two stories on this!” (whatever that means) “…but i’m going to limit you to 1 buttshot! haha! where do they do this?”

me: “putty hill skateland, up in bel air, north of baltimore…”

instructor: “man! they get up to some crazy stuff in those suburbs!!”

now i need to figure out what shots i need to get to tell an overall story about roller derby, and then i need to figure out how to go about getting them… i’m going to try to go to one of the east-coast extravaganza matches this weekend, but i’ll need more pictures than from only that and the first bout of the season. hrm. i’ll have to see about getting more pictures once i figure out what pictures i’ll need.

sk8bette: one of my classmates does work with the baltimore business journal and some other magazines (i don’t know why he’s taking the class, actually… i think he said it was required for his communications major, maybe). he’s doing his term assignment on comparing/contrasting hurricanes isabel and katrina (since apparently when isabel hit maryland it resulted in some flooding and damage and people living in trailers that’s still not yet fixed over 5 years later). he flew down to NOLA a week or two ago and shot a ton of photos, and i told him if it turns out that he needs to go back down for more photos and such that i might have an “in” for him; would you mind if i gave him your contact info to use / act as a guide if he does need to go back down there for more material? he was telling me how he just flew down and rented some car and enterprise only had some big ol’ white car and everybody thought he was from the government and nobody wanted to talk with him, and even then it was kind of hard after he tried waving his press credentials at people. he’d probably benefit from having a local as his “in” to help show him around.

(i discussed with him the baltimore sun’s coverage of the roller girls and how i was trying to figure out how they took some of the photos, and he clued me into these nifty gadgets that let you control your flashes and such remotely. pretty neat! he said he might be able to lend them to me for my project. he also suggested i get myself a copy of noise ninja after he, the instructor and i discussed taking the roller derby photos at a higher iso.)

one reason why i think i’m kind of like the teacher’s pet is that he and i like to have discussion in class about my techniques and direction, it seems we discuss even more than what he does with the other students. it’s very helpful! plus he cracks me up with some of his advice and suggestions.

after the class i called up that laura girl i had met at howl at the moon in december and have been kinda playing phone tag with (got her voicemail, but left her a message… who knows if i’ll get a call back, though.)

i’ve had this song stuck in my head all day, mostly because i kept listening to it in the car: “boogie oogie oogie”, by a taste of honey (3.8 MB)