#4455 – pi

i was all upset that it was pi day and i didn’t have any pie, but then i remembered:

in other news, i ended up washing my car today, now chance the mini is all cleaned out and shiny and looks much much better! it was perfect weather too (72-80° F, partly-sunny) until it started to sprinkle a few drops when i just started to wash my car after cleaning out the interior. no problems though, it wasn’t even a drizzle. i noticed i missed some spots on the windshield / side mirror, so when i next head out to the car i’ll bring a paper towel with some window cleaner on it.

cooked dinner for the family at home, made OMG porkchops and they really liked them. i’m starving now, though. i should get ready for bed since i’ll be waking up at 3:30 am or so.

hm. by the way, can i get a kick in the ass? i seem to need it to get myself started on something. :/