#4451 – mixed

feisty_fitz called me yesterday to tell me that apparently pap-pap might have had a stroke; mom went to see him at the hospital. mom forwarded some emails from aunt ellen to keep the family in the loop; here’s some bits and pieces:

They were bringing him from testing – they did a sonogram on his carotid artery – not sure of the results.

They could not do an MRI because they needed him to have his head lay right on a flat surface. Well – Dad’s back has a “Dowager’s Hump” and he cannot lie flat! He actually needs to have a pillow and have the head of the bed raised a bit to be comfortable.

Dr L. Whicker the neurologist came – I am glad I was there to help answer questions.

I told him that what he saw was not typical of dad – we believed it was a stroke on Sunday afternoon.

He was there to provide that diagnosis. He believed that yes it was a stroke on the left side of the brain because that is the side that affects speech and motor functions of right side.

Dad can move both arms and both legs. His legs are stronger than the arms. He can grip with the left hand and favors it. I thought his right arm was sore, but it is really weak. He cannot grip with his right hand.

He identified and said “ring” He identified and tried to say “wrist watch’ He was able to see and grab the doctor’s right fingers with his left hand.

The doctor said to repeat” Today is a very nice day” and Dad was able to say “very nice day.”

As I said, last night Dad could say “Yeah and No” and may one or two words.

I had Dad count from one to ten! A couple of times. He is acquiring more words. And I even got him to say “happy birthday Ellen” before I left! (He liked that)

He understands and recognizes you and what is going on. He just is frustrated he can’t think how to say a word and we have to do “20 questions” to figure him out.

Dr Whicker says Dad is a candidate for speech and physical therapy (on the floor above- we were on the fourth floor) so I am thinking that should begin soon.

I believe they want to do another cat scan, also.

apparently on sunday he could only really say “yes” and “no” and maybe only a few other words, so it sounds like he’s improving a bit.

julia, one of my coworkers who had been battling cancer for the past several months, passed away on friday or saturday; her funeral is in new york on thursday. kawaiikiwi‘s father passed away on saturday and his funeral is on wednesday. they’re letting us use up to 2 personal or vacation days (or take unpaid time off that we would make up at some time this week) to attend julia’s funeral. if i could, i would have liked to go up to new york on wednesday and come back on thursday so i could attend both and show support, but unfortunately since wednesday is before payday i wouldn’t have the funds available for a hotel wednesday night. 🙁 we shall see since i will at least be going up to brooklyn on thursday.

in cheerier news, i made OMG porkchops for dinner and they were FANTASTIC. would have been better if i added some brown sugar to them as well… maybe i’ll try that next time (probably tomorrow). also, i did more editing to my baltimore orioles calendar… did you know that the orioles are having post-game fireworks on both cal ripken and miguel tejada’s birthdays? i wonder if that was intentional…