#4449 – you down with dst

“DST”, MC Microsecond (1.3 MB MP3)

DST, how can i explain it

i’ll take you day by day it

to have you jump ‘n shout ‘n hooray it

it’s really just another kind of way

for you to get an extra hour of light out of every single day

it’s sort of a method to cheat father time

or hoodwink mother nature, yeah, that’s the rhyme

your clock jumps forward an hour in the spring

and you lose an hour of sleep for this chronological thing

but thanks to springing forward we get some more light

and i know you’re rockin’ the DST so you can say “i-ight!”

except for those folks in the virgin islands and arizona,

hawaii, puerto rico,

guam and samoa

they be hatin’ on the DST and they’re not down with it

but if you live somewhere else, here’s your membership

you down with DST? (yeah you know me!)

you down with DST? (yeah you know me!)

you down with DST? (yeah you know me!)

who down with DST? (every last lady!)

it’s official, daylight savings time makes me go loopy. i spent more time recording that song than what should be allowed. 🙁 hahahahaha