#4437 – live music

So while we were dead-set on going to the Maryland/NC State game Saturday afternoon, The Upstate Life was hired last minute to help bartend some dude’s surprise birthday party out in Northern Virginia that very same evening. Yes, we used to bartend back in the day, notably at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland during our undergrad years. Yes, they had a fully-stocked bar, and yes, it was the best on-campus job, ever. Anyway, we learned that the guy’s favorite band was DC’s own Thievery Corporation. Unfortunately, he has never seen them live. So what does the wife do for her husband’s 40th birthday? She fucking books them. At their house. In Virginia. I mean, these are the same guys that are playing a benefit show at the Black Cat next weekend that sold out in less than a minute. If there was ever a moment we encountered full-blown surrealism, it was Saturday night. I’ve honestly never seen anything like what I encountered last weekend in probably my entire life. I mean, while I was helping setup the bar and blow up balloons, Thievery fucking Corporation were doing a full sound-check right in front of me in a person’s living room. I cannot make this shit up.

also, troutman – ever wonder what a $25,000 velvet underground album sounds like?

eta: from

National Symphony Orchestra oboist H. David Meyers awaits sentencing by a federal judge for his role in orchestrating (heh) a complex illegal sports gambling ring. Meyers’ story, which he’s peddling to newspapers through a publicist, is that he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal, and that he shouldn’t go to jail because his musical gift will suffer. Oboe he didn’t!

oh, those oboists…