#4434 – power

i’m glad that the roller girls are liking my photos. 🙂 hell, i like it when anybody likes my photos, haha…

so i pay my car’s loan off, and how does it reward me? by having the driver’s-side headlamp burn out. tonight i bought not only a new headlamp, but a new air freshener with “new car smell” flavor. i had bought an air freshener the other day but i prefer this new one much better so i tossed the old one in the trash can outside the house tonight. the trash can will soon smell like “night air”, haha…

dad might will probably be in a tv show on the history channel about john wilkes booth since the movie “national treasure 2” is going to be coming out and this show is somehow related to the movie. dad had to play the part of capturing john wilkes booth in his civil war reenacting outfit for a history channel tv crew up near gettysburg. yeah, yeah, i already complained to dad about how john wilkes booth was really captured in virginia.

i think i may end up buying an external battery pack for my flash:

To accompany the new Speedlite 580EX flash, Canon is offering a new external power pack called the Compact Battery Pack CP-E3. This battery pack reduces full power recycling time from about six to 1.7 seconds and increases the number of full-power flashes per charge from approximately 100 to 432.

more power is always good!

for my regular journalism class, i have to think up some questions about what people think of the possibility of either clinton or obama being elected as president, and i have to find and interview 10 strangers and write up an article. can you believe that i’m not looking forward to this? it’s due april 1, so at least i’ve got some time to plan this out.