#4432 – spring training

finally finished editing my photos. i went to ikea yesterday (bought swedish meatballs, a lamp, looked at dining room chairs, and also got a frame for a photo i’m going to give to my ol’ coworker cheryl when i go down to florida later this month), and man oh man was it a zoo. then again, it was a sunday.

afterwards i stopped off at the apartment and changed into my ripped jeans and my metalsome monday t-shirt so i’d be all 80’s metal before going up to baltimore to see the charm city roller girls’ “mobtown maulers” derby team compete against the “long island roller rebels”. this was the first time i have used my new flash to photograph roller derby – all the times before was using either the on-camera flash (not that great for good lighting), or my 50mm f/1.8 lens (ok, but still not that great). this time i used my 580ex flash bounced off the ceiling and after experimenting with my lenses i really liked how it worked with my 70-200mm f/4 L lens – instead of wide shots i was putting the telephoto zoom lens to work and was trying to get shots of just a few of the girls instead of the whole pack. eventually i set my camera to the AI servo auto-focus where as long as i held down the shutter halfway it would continue to focus on what it was tracking – that way i could have the camera constantly keep one or two people in focus while i followed and zoomed in on them around the track.

there was this band playing there (in keeping with the 80’s metal theme) called “final warning”; they played 80’s metal covers before the game:

Mobtown Maulers vs- Long Island Rebels  001 (2)

they also had an 80’s metal costume contest (which i could have probably entered in my ripped jeans and metalsome monday t-shirt since really nobody there was dressed up in costume), and this guy won by virtue of being the only entrant in the contest. i think his costume beats my “costume” hands down, so even if i entered it wouldn’t have made a difference:

Mobtown Maulers vs- Long Island Rebels  001 (28)

the announcers asked him if he had anything to say and he shouted into the microphone “the motherfuckin’ scorpions motherfuckin’ rule!” or something like that, and the announcers replied “well, thanks for single-handedly destroying our pg-13 rating!”, bahahah. when i took his picture so i could use it in my photojournalism class i asked him what his name was and he would only tell me “zebra man”… my photojournalism instructor is going to think it’s bizarre that i’ll only be able to caption these things with peoples’ derby names and “zebra man”, hahaha…

at one point there was a crash and tumble and one of the long island roller rebels and i think one of the mobtown maulers (i didn’t even notice who, it was pretty fast) kind of did a somersault and crashed into me and my camera bag and their skate grazed the side of my lens, hah… the things i do for my photojournalism class – i get yelled at by rent-a-cops and my equipment clunked with roller skates! hahaha they also had a camera crew from bbc america there to film for a show they’re going to do on american roller derbies. weird!

in the end the mobtown maulers won with a score of something like 236 to 11. crazy! some of the photos turned out really well! others, not so well. but still, i’m pleased with how they turned out. besides, it gave me a chance to see how to use my flash at skateland before the charm city roller girls’ regular season starts up in about a month or so. this photo is probably one of my most favorite ones i took of the match, and it pretty much sums up how the game went for the long island roller rebels too:

Mobtown Maulers vs- Long Island Rebels  001 (15)