#4429 – art paiges

i went into baltimore to see my friend paige’s art in this art show for the clothing store “have fun be lucky”. she did this picture. we chatted it up about art and roller derby and the fun times we had when we worked together at tower records.

of course, it needed alcoholic beverages for it to be an art show, so i was sippin’ on wine from a box in my red cup. yup, classy!

then i went to the soundgarden and bought some cds, and on a whim i looked at their records for sale (i blame troutman, actually), and found betty page: jungle girl on vinyl and was totally surprised – i’ve got mp3s of the album, but i had thought that whoever posted them was posting up like a mixtape of songs and not that it was an actual album… i’ll have to hook my computer up to the family’s turntable at home and rip it to my computer, heh. i also got “love” by the beatles, “as far as the eye can see” by people in planes, “alright, still…” by lily allen, and “the essential emerson, lake & palmer”.

man, art show + wine in a box + buying records = what a weird night. i WOULD have had some swedish meatballs at ikea for dinner, but they had to not be accepting credit cards from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm. lame!