#4428 – mishmash

about three weeks ago:

me: “you know what? since i keep having these classes in college park and seeing hot girls all over, it makes me want to go out and meet some girls…”

dave: “ugh! don’t go looking for girls in college park. they’re all sororihoes!”

me: “dave! i’m ashamed at you! the correct term is ‘sorostitutes!’ ‘sororihoes’ indeed – sheesh!”

dave: “so, wait… there’s a ‘dress barn’ over there, and right next to it is ‘dress barn: woman’??”

me: “wait, what? is one for drag queens? i don’t understand! why are there two??”


female student 1: “…this photographer said that one big reason why he liked taking pictures was because he could take pictures of good-looking girls.”

female student 2: “ha!”

me: “man, why didn’t i think of that?!”

instructor: “ok, now let’s look at glenn’s photos…”

instructor: “wow, you really love mini coopers! hector just recently bought one too.”

me: “he did? he should join my motoring club!”

instructor: “there’s a CLUB?!?

instructor: “there’s a few different programs that let you edit photos non-destructively. like adobe lightroom! that’s brand new, costs about $200 or so…”

student: “only $98 at academic superstore online!”

instructor: “wow! you all should jump on it at that price! i might go buy it from there too… hey, wait… i got my copy from adobe for free!!”

i think tomorrow after work i will be going into fells point; one of my ol’ coworker friends is showing some of her comic art at a special shindig there.

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