#4417 – OMG

OMG. it looks like this snow will never stop outside.

i was thinking about going to ikea today to get some bakeware (and some swedish meatballs for cooking later). i found a recipe for “OMG PORKCHOPS” (seriously, that’s what the title of the recipe was), and when i told zenmetsu about it he thought it was going to be along the lines of “3-2-1 steak”. with this snow, though, i don’t think i’ll be venturing out. looks like i’ll be socked in the apartment here. although, that’s probably a good thing since i’ve got schoolwork due tonight that i need to work on.

so, pancakes and science / journalism it is. or will be. i’m watching “my fair lady” on tv right now (OMG AUDREY HEPBURN), although a hockey game is starting up in eight minutes. now that’s a tough choice: hockey? or audrey hepburn?

i’d work on my website, except apparently there was an issue with the power monitoring equipment in the building my servers are in, requiring the entire power to the building to be shut down. the servers were shut down, the power was off, and the problem was fixed and the servers were turned back on… but there are issues apparently with one of the core routers, so though the servers are on they can’t talk to the outside world. so, troutman, if you can’t get at those .flac files, that’s why, haha…