#4416 – decisive moments

i went into dc to see the exhibit on josephine baker (videos) with the MEETinDC group. i arrived at the metro station just as the train i needed to catch was leaving, but even so i only arrived at the gallery about 5 minutes after the planned meeting time. the security lady who peeked in my camera backpack said for me to leave my backpack in the lockers in the room around the corner – “it costs a quarter, but you’ll get your quarter back,” she said. i went in the locker room, looked at the lockers, knew i didn’t have a quarter on me, and figured that i’d carry it around with me until somebody said something about it. well, i walked past a few security guards with no reaction, but eventually one came over to me and said that i had to carry the backpack slung under one arm. what’s the difference between carrying it like that versus carrying it like a backpack? i don’t know.

i went into penn camera to try to get the developing chemicals and equipment for developing my tri-x film on my own, but though i had a decent idea of what i needed but wasn’t sure of everything specific i required i figured i’d wait until i can make a list of the stuff i need.

i then figured i’d try to start work on my photojournalism term project (i’m doing it about the start of the baseball season), so i figured i’d either go down to the navy yard to see the new stadium under construction or i’d go to rfk stadium to see what pictures i could get of the current stadium. i ended up going to rfk and took a photo of two people buying tickets at the box office there and a few other photos during a walk around the stadium. at one point i came across a rent-a-cop in his car…

rent-a-cop: “sir! this is not a place to do sightseeing!”

me: “oh! well, i’m a photojournalist on assignment.”

rent-a-cop: “what??”

me: “photojournalism!”

rent-a-cop: “what i meant was this is private property, you shouldn’t be here!” (nevermind that it’s not like there are “no trespassing” signs or gates or such around the stadium property)

me: “oh, well, i’ll remove myself from the property, then!”

i took the metro back into dc and thought that i’d try to find a radio shack before going to the navy yard metro station – i want to find these windscreens for my microphones for when i do audio recording on location. i was walking down F street when i came across stueypark!

we ended up walking around in search of a radio shack, came across a place that i read about on dcist that i was thinking of going to…

>> If you thought “Happenings” ended in the 1970s, think again. May we suggest X, a live art event at BeBar, complete with a graphic design competition, electronic music, tribal belly dancers, local artists and independent fashion designers. For the competition, a juror will provide the participating graphic designers with three words, which the designers will then use for inspiration to create a poster for ‘X’ in four hours. Their laptops will be hooked up to large displays, revealing their approaches and creative process to the audience. At the end of the event, a curator will select a winning design which will be used on a promotional poster, web site and flyer for ‘X’ (we have to assume they mean future ‘X’s’?) as well as potentially incorporated into an art book. 6 – 10 p.m. $5.

we walked around some more, saw some guys doing stunts on skateboards (one or two guys would jump their skateboards over one or two guys that were laying down on the sidewalk and took some photos of that (i’ll have to see how it turned out once i finish this roll of tri-x). stopped in a few stores, saw a vw beetle get hit by a bus, went back to bebar and stopped in there for a bit and had a pineapple martini before we ended up taking the metro back our respective ways.

i stopped off at the grocery store and picked up a pizza-for-one on my way back, and ate my pizza while i watched forrest gump. did you know that apparently my mom was thinking of naming me “forrest”? i actually kind of like that name!

and in the WOAH-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-IT department, remember laura, the girl from loyola whose number i got at howl at the moon like 2 months ago? yeahh, guess who i just got a text from. rawkin’!