#4414 – hackweight takeout

gahh, this is getting depressing. 🙁 i can’t go curling on thursdays because of class (at least until may, and even then it’s only for a week or three before another thursday class starts up), and i can’t go curling on saturday mornings for the breakfast drop-in league since i end up sleeping in. 🙁

and i was looking forward to curling today too. 🙁 🙁 my alarm went off, and i looked at it but fell back asleep… which is probably a good thing, since i’d hate to see what i’d do on slippery ice on 4 hours of sleep with or without my shoes with goodyear rubber in the soles.

i might as well (since i was going to pay up for a membership today) stop by one of their other sessions and just pay up and find out when their member drop-in leagues are.