#4408 – is this some james bond shit or what

you’re not going to believe me, but i just spent the night attending an art exhibition at the czech embassy (woo now i’ve been to the czech republic!), partying it up with the czech ambassador and surprise guest václav havel, former president of czechoslovakia and the czech republic. free booze and was checked out by / was checking out all the sexay ladies (MAN is there a hot girl who works at the embassy!), too! didn’t get a chance to chat with them, though. go go craigslist missed connections!

some people were getting their picture taken with mr. havel and i was standing right behind him in some of the pictures, so i leaned in slightly and made some faces at the camera bahahahahah 😀

man, this is 2007 indeed. i need to find more special events at the local embassies, those ambassadors sure know how to have a good time.