#4394 – i heart the beatnik barbershop

work today was slow slow slow since it was a federal holiday yet i still had to be at work. and we all know who’s the best president of all, right? good ol’ teddy roosevelt! followed by CHESTER A. ARTHUR?!?

after work i went up to baltimore and got my hair cut at the beatnik barbershop. $15 for coffee and a haircut, and though i didn’t get any coffee i still like the place. good ol’ jazzy music playing when i went in, and got my hair cut by a cute and tall redheaded girl named ann. it’s funny, whenever i’ve gone to other places to get my hair cut i never seem to chat with the barber, but both times i’ve been at this place i’ve had some nice conversations with the person cutting my hair. ann and i talked about working during a federal holiday, the snow, my mini cooper, life in japan (she used to go to school there) and asian hairstyles.

i wore my new shirt, belt and pants to work today and felt like mint-chocolate-chip ice cream:

i won YET ANOTHER happy hour at howl at the moon (bahahah)… need to figure out a date for this one… i can’t even remember what number this one is, hahaha…

scanned in some of my black and white film last night and working on some more tonight. i need to get an air-brush so i can sweep/blow away any dust and fuzz from the negatives before scanning. hrm.