#4390 – desperation heist

today i went into dc and did a photoshoot for my friend asya and richard, her fiancé – we started out in the national botanic gardens, and then took some photos in front of the capitol and on the mall:

here are the rest of the photos, with a few silly ones thrown in.

shortieterp messaged me on my way into dc to tell me that her howl at the moon party for tonight might not be happening, so i wasn’t quite sure what i’d end up doing. i sent spoothed a text that i might end up at karaoke, but i didn’t know what was going to happen this evening.

well, shortly after we started the photoshoot, bruno_boy and mytinyworld started blowing up my phone with calls and text messages (i was also getting my daily 4 pm text messages about what happened this day in history), and was pretty much told to give one of them a call. after the photoshoot i called william once i got back to my car at the metro station and he told me about a release party for this art magazine called “locus” – i had actually seen a blurb about it on charmcity but didn’t pay it much attention at the time. since william’s place wasn’t far from the metro station i had parked at, i met up with dave and william there and the three of us went to get some kibbles and bits at the bowie town center before finding this thing. at one point william was going to leave the car keys for his car at home in case his mom needed to use their car so he ran inside and dave said “glenn and i are going to talk about kibbles for a bit” to figure out where we wanted to eat. i liked how he said “kibbles for a bit” and we had some chuckles about that.

while we were eating at duclaw, dave said “how is it that humphrey bogart’s name got to be a synonym for hogging something? how would you like it if your name was known for something?”…

me: “i bet mine could be ‘so, did you fitzpatrick that girl last night? harharharhar! *elbows dave in the ribs*

dave: “i think for you it would be more like ‘jim smith was arrested last night for fitzpatricking’!”

me: “…i like it!”

dave: “SIGH.”

a few hours later on in the evening…

me: “i am a man of many talents!”

dave: “you only have two! photography and ‘fitzpatricking’!”

me: “yes, but two is a lot to a man who has none!”

dave: “this is true. ‘in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’.”

william: “SIGH.”

also at duclaw we were watching this show on tv about great plays in basketball, and i remarked how to dave how i can’t really understand basketball. oh, i know the basic rules and such, but actually i should clarify it by saying i don’t really understand basketball fans. here’s my logic:

ok, well, it’s not unusual for a basketball game to get to be 100 points or more, but it seems on average to be around 100 points. a basketball player puts a ball in a hoop for 2 points… 1/50th of the entire team’s score for the game. know what happens? everybody goes insane!

now how about baseball? the average baseball score is probably what, 5 to 7 runs? we’ll make it 6. ok, so. 6 runs. a player hits a home run and gets 1/6th of the ENTIRE score for their team during a game. 1/6th of a team’s score is a lot more impressive than 1/50th!

hockey fans don’t get as excited for their players to get 1/3rd or 1/4th of the score for the game, but then again hockey is super-exciting anyway what with fighting and stuff going on, so hockey fans are excused.

anyway, that’s my view on sports.

after we left duclaw we found our way up to baltimore to this release party. the magazine looks pretty interesting – apparently they accept submissions from independent artists, maybe i’ll think up something to send in photography-wise. my ol’ roommate brandon was there and he said that it was pretty crazy, it was like a reunion or “who’s who” of umbc, haha. unfortunately it seemed that most of the girls there were with guys, and that was disappointing. i also think someone there has the same sort of jacket that i just recently bought, too. at one point william tried to get me to dance with this one girl, and i said how i might if the mood grabs me, and he said “this is from the man who takes off his shirt on stage??”, hahaha…

there was one band there that was really good called “among wolves” – i managed to snag a cd of some of their tracks and told one of the musicians about radio krud. it’s pretty good stuff! i might try to go see them again when they play at the end of the month.

one of the bands was pretty bizarre, and since dave and william and myself think we can do a better job we’re putting our money where our mouth is and creating our own band. or at least we’ll be recording a single. buy stock in earplugs now while you still can.

plans for tomorrow: shoe-shoppin’ with spoothed and then off to fix pap-pap’s computer.