#4388 – forget "ricky two-shoes"

“gangster-penguin” is SO much better.

eta: hee hee, i’m mischevious! one of my science classes (not the science lab that made me put together a bio, but this time it’s the science class itself) had our requirement for class participation this week be responding to two other classmates’ postings on the class forums. this was my response to one girl’s post about how with a basic knowledge of science she’s surprised to learn about all sorts of different topics:

One thing that I enjoy listening to is the radio show “Science Friday” on NPR – it covers all sorts of different scientific topics, and presents them in a very easy-to-understand format. I frequently find myself learning about actual advances in the field of science from listening to this radio show, and I too am always surprised to find that I’ve learned about some subjects that I never would have thought I would have been able to comprehend previously from just a basic knowledge of different scientific topics.