#4385 – to its knees

if i thought my computer c – r – a – w – l – e – d along with raw digital photos, it’s nothing compared to what happens when i feed it 200 megabyte tiff files of negatives i’ve scanned in (penn camera called me today and i picked up my film :D)! my computer is brought to its knees, seriously. time for a new one!

but oh are the 35mm negatives scanned in at 4800dpi SO PRETTY:

you can actually click that image, click on “all images” above the photo, and see the original sized scan for yourself, but i don’t know why you’d want to – it’s 4543 x 6495 pixels!

i’m going to put all my film-scans into this photoset. i’ve only had enough time to scan in 8 photos or so, and of those i’ve only had time to review / edit / upload these three. i’ve even scanned in the pictures first in 300 dpi just to preview them and determine if i should spend the time scanning them in at the 4800 dpi setting since it takes ~30 minutes for 2-4 photos.

so this morning they said our office was opening at 10. i rolled out to my car around 9:30 (it usually only takes me 15 minutes to get to work), and cleaned off my car – that took around 5 minutes. i was able (with a lot of coaxing) to back my car up over the snow berm created by a plow through the apartment complex’s parking lot, but then i got stuck and for about another 20 minutes or so i tried getting it to go forward and my car refused. there was only a few inches of snow, but it had been packed down by the plow and there were lumps of snow all over the place impeding my movement that all i did was spin my wheels and toss snow up in the air.

around 9:50 or so i called the office and got the voicemail for the scheduling team and left a message that i’d need an hour of flex-time because i’d been working on getting my car moving for the last 20 minutes and barely made it out of my parking space, and that i had no idea how much longer it would take, and so i was going to be late. just after i left that message, these two guys that work for the apartment complex who were shoveling snow asked if they could give me a push so they pushed my car up to the plowed section of the parking lot and i drove to work. got there around 10:05-10:10.

turned out i didn’t need the flex time because just after i called they must have changed it so the call center wasn’t opening up until 11 am, so i was all clear and didn’t need to make up the flex-time i requested.

lots of people weren’t there today. at least one guy spun out and hit a guardrail and went back home. they gave us donuts and bought us pizza for lunch for making it into work, and i spent really my entire day trying to rework this account because of a major escalation that i’ve been working on for the past few weeks so the second-largest school district in michigan won’t disconnect 120+ lines of service. meanwhile some of my coworkers want me to take calls when i’m already swamped with this rework? i don’t THINK so – homey don’t play that. i’m not doing anything other than this rework especially since it really escalated up in the past few days.

after work i went to visit pap-pap and chatted with him and he made me a cheesesteak and set off the smoke alarm and i tried to fix his computer problems and then i came back to the apartment and worked on scanning.

and crap, i need to do a short paper for my photojournalism class tomorrow… crap crap crap. nevermind that i don’t really have all of the photos for this current assignment; the snow kind of put a damper on my photoshooting. 😛