#4380 – an evening with sports personalities

tonight i went to a presentation sponsored by my high school’s alumni association – an evening with cal ripken, hosted by james brown:

photos here. i wish that i was closer, the photos came out a bit darker than i would have liked, but oh well. my flash wouldn’t have been effective at the range i was at.

i was able to use my stealthy microphones to record the presentation too: 1:34:46, 86.8 MB.

i was sitting next to mr. krawczewicz – at 0:01:53 on the recording he calls out to another of his old students he saw, starts doing “the clap” (you demathaites know what i mean when you hear it) and wonders if we should start a “no school friday” chant, bahahahaha.

some parts might be a bit hard to hear (the microphone that cal was using wasn’t that great), but here’s a few of my favorite highlights…

0:37:30 “good stubborn” / “bad stubborn”

0:54:00 having kids while maintaining “the streak”

0:59:27 thoughts on steroids / why cal doesn’t do drugs

1:07:25 eddie’s advice / stances

1:13:05 terry bradshaw (stereotypes)

1:14:30 earl weaver & jim palmer

1:18:45 favorite baseball player / brainwashing

there’s also one in there about him being asked for his autograph while changing diapers in disneyworld, but i can’t seem to find where that was on the recording.

crap, i need to work on my photojournalism assignment by thursday… if i was going to be sent up into space in a capsule, and could only take 10 photos with me, what would i bring pictures of? i “only” have “24 hours” to take the pictures, too.