#4373 – it's miller time!

work was alright, no big problems. it seemed to take a while, but it seemed to go quickly as well, partially because i had a meeting for an hour in the morning about how to improve some of our internal processes.

two of my coworkers want me to take portraits for them – woo!

went off to umuc for my photojournalism class, and i got to show my photos, and everybody was really impressed! the instructor says that my images are definitely marketable (surprised?), so i then said how some of my friends want prints of this photo, and when he asked me to explain how i took some of my photos (like the trick bike photo), he said that my technical skillz made his head hurt, bahahahaha. afterwards i talked photo-geek stuff with some of the other canon nerds in the class and they said i should join up on these forums. i’ll have to give it a look-through.

plus, we also got free chocolate bars!

and then i check my bank account on a whim and my tax return has arrived! hooray!! now i can buy things like textbooks and film scanners and pay towards my car and stuff!

after a day like that, it’s definitely miller time. aww yeah.