#4368 – impatience

this morning i called up the dentist’s office to find out when my appointment was really supposed to be, and they told me that it’s this wednesday at 9 a.m. – i guess i confused them saying “february SEVENTH” with “february SECOND”. looks like this will be a 3-day workweek for me! go to work tomorrow, call out “sick” on wednesday for my appointment, and then work on thursday and friday… i am so spoiled.

i have received neither my tax refund nor payment for doing the photoshoot a few weeks ago at work yet. those need to hurry up and get here, i’ve got things i want to do with that money, like buy textbooks and film scanners and pay off my car.

i have not received the textbook for my journalism writing class; i ordered it in the middle of last week and hopefully it’ll arrive today. it was from some seller on so unfortunately i don’t have any tracking number for it.

i’ve got my statistics exam in 4 1/2 hours. i wish that wasn’t so soon. 🙁 at least it’s multiple choice!