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Assignment 2: Exposure

Harbor News
1010 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, Maryland


feisty_fitz and stueypark and i went into baltimore so i could take some photos for my photojournalism class; the current assignment is “exposure” – we need to take photos at varying shutter speeds / apertures, using flash and high shutter speeds to freeze action.

at one point i was hassled by a cop for trying to take photos in power plant live… well, he wasn’t mean about it, but he interrupted my flow: see, there are these fabric “cubes” suspended in mid-air over a section of the property, with lights inside each one. all you can see are these cubes floating in midair all aglow.

just as i had an awesome shot framed i heard a voice say “excuse me – no photographs allowed here.” he said the owner of the property didn’t allow photos because they “didn’t want anybody getting ideas.”

since i’m smart about these things, i asked him where the boundary of the private property was – now that i know where the public right-of-way ends and the private property begins, i plan to go back one of these nights and attempt the same shot while on public land. they can’t stop me then, at least not legally.

to paraphrase the beastie boys:
you gotta fight! (pow pow)
for your right! (ba-bow)
to do photoooooooooooography!