#4362 – kabong

“At approximately 2120 hours a citizen was robbed at gunpoint in the 6th District and assailants fled in red Jeep – this Jeep was then seen in the 5th District where a pursuit ensued – a bailout occurred at 17th and Md and two apprehensions were made but third assailant jumped into black Tahoe and took off thus Falcoln (helicopter unit), 1d and 5d units pursued this fleeing felon throughout 1d and 5d — this assailant fired rounds at officers when he first crashed into parked car at 6th and F ST NE – an SOD officer returned fire – no rounds took effect and assailant continued to flee North on 6th ST where he struck a bicyclist at 6th and Florida NE — (who has suffered minor injuries) – the pursuit continued until he crashed at 8th and Mass AVE NE and bailed out and fled into the home that you mentioned below (homeowners were able to run out unharmed) — a barricade was announced for he ran into the basement and was surrounded by police – we awaited our SWAT team who apprehended this assailant at 0010 hours without incident!”

well of course the homeowners were able to escape unharmed, especially after they clobbered the dude with a FRYING PAN: