#4354 – today is bizarro day

this week is a 4-day work-week for me – i’ve got a dentist appointment on friday, and even though it’s a morning appointment i figured that i wouldn’t want to come to work for the second-half of the day on a friday. next week will be a 4-day work-week for me as well – i requested a make-up exam for the exam that hasn’t happened yet… since i want to take it the sooner the better, the earliest i can take it is on the 5th. unfortunately, even though i wrote up in the little box why i should get a make-up exam, i don’t think the instructor read it. if i say “excuse me, but can i register for the final exam? i can’t register for it because the registration period has passed…”, then why in the world would you reply “The only exam you are missing is Quiz #2. That was due Nov. 28, 2006. This is too late to make it up.”? i wrote back to him to explain in more detail why i’m requesting a make-up of an exam that hasn’t happened yet.

the nice thing about this 4-day work-week is that once you make it through monday, then tuesday is hump-day, wednesday is “friday eve” and thursday is friday!

in a bizarre twist of events in the work cafeteria, they’re now showing cnn instead of fox news! it’s been fox news ever since i’ve been working there, every day (a year and a half?)… we even tried changing the channel ourselves and pushing the buttons on the tv still showed the fox news channel. but today i was sitting there, looked up at the tv and thought “oh, cnn is on… WHAT?!” nevermind that i prefer cnn over fox news…

**THIS** is CNN

cnn said that apparently verizon wireless turned down the iphone about 2 years ago. i shake my fist at work in irritation!

i’m excited about my bonus. what they do is figure 6% of your salary, and that’s your target. depending how the company does during the year, they adjust the target up or down. this year they adjusted it up 190%, the highest they’ve ever adjusted it! it’s like christmas now, i’m thinking of what i’m going to do with:

  • tax return
  • payment for photos at work
  • bonus
  • short-term incentive i can cash out at the end of march

    i’m planning to pay off some of my debts, but i’d also like to get myself a mac pro for photo editing… my poor ol’ powerbook is 4 or 5 years old now and really can’t keep up with editing raw photos any longer. i’m going to wait until the next version of the operating system comes out in a few months, though.

    i submitted an invoice at work for my photos i took at the kickoff – i had told the director in charge of marketing how i would look to see about what other photographers might charge, and then price something a little lower and give the company a discount. after finding a few people charging between $1300-$1500 as a daily rate for corporate events (with maybe one person at $1100, and one other person at $850) and hearing that their previous guy was charging $1700, i figured on a daily rate of $1000 plus tax to include:

  • ~7 hours of photography
  • ~6-8 hours of editing (see, i need a new computer! this one c-r-a-w-l-s! and i know i did 3+ hours on the first night alone, let alone tuesday and wednesday)
  • unlimited/unrestricted rights to the images (no watermarkings)
  • a well-organized, easy to navigate cd with the photos in multiple sizes

    i think that i charged a fair price… it’s below market pricing (so they’re getting about a 25% discount off of the average photographer, and about a 40% discount from what they used to pay), and they get someone they’re familiar with and good photos to boot. well, my coworker pal drew told me that apparently the director i spoke with thought i’d charge something along the lines of $100 / hour for about $700 overall. well, let’s pull an mc hammer and break it down:

  • $700 – 7 hours of photography
  • $600-800 – 6-8 hours of editing (or let’s figure even as little as $25 / hour for editing, so that’d be $150-200)… these photos don’t edit themselves
  • $1260 – $20/photo for unlimited/unrestricted rights (which would be VERY inexpensive for full commercial rights for full-resolution images for corporate use) for 63 photos
  • $10 – organized cd (i’m not just dumping everything onto the cd with no organization whatsoever)

    what’s the total? $2120-2770. $1000 looks like a bargain right about now.

    so i told drew that i did give the company a discount from average pricing, and he told me that the director did want me to be paid but that he was afraid that this might make them reconsider using me for future work because she had a preconceived idea of what the cost was going to be. at the very least i know that they didn’t pay my invoice today. i don’t know what channels it needs to go through before payment, though.

    if they do get around to paying it, then i’m going to use that with my tax return to get my car all paid off (yay! finally!). that, and buy a film scanner. 😀

    i’m tempted to get a canon 5D – it’s 4 more megapixels and it’s got a full-frame sensor (using my 35mm film camera has made me hot for full-frame sensors, if that’s even possible), but there’s no built-in flash (not that much of a problem when i consider my big ol’ flash, except it’s nice to not have to haul that around when all you want is a fill-flash), i don’t think it can use my wireless remote, and the advantage to my current camera’s sensor is that it’s always going to use the best part of each lens (the smack-dab middle) because it’s cropping the field of view, as opposed to a full-frame sensor using the entire area that the lens can cover and anything off to the edges would come out looking a little worse. and it’s also $2700. 😛

    i need to take photos tomorrow – my pal chris is the stage manager for a local classical musical group, and he called me tonight to see if i was free tomorrow night. he’s scored me a pair of tickets to come to their performance and hear them play and take a few photos at their reception afterwards – i had talked to him a few weeks ago about taking photos for this before i even thought of doing photography as a personal business, but we figured that depending how this works out then i might be able to get a gig with them too.

    i think i’ll wear my suit there since it looks pretty classy. too bad that second ticket might go to waste since i can’t think of any sexy ladies who might be free tuesday night and would like to get dressed up for a nice date to an evening concert (hint, hint)!