#4353 – if we'd all been living in california, we'd have super-fast internets

thursday night, i was chatting with zenmetsu and the internet started acting up – things were taking forever to load and it didn’t seem right at all. i told him i’d be right back and reset the cable modem, but unfortunately the modem didn’t reconnect. i figured it would reconnect overnight and went to bed.

friday morning i woke up and checked the modem to find there was still no connection. reset the modem again and went to work figuring it would reset during the day. got home from work and still no signal. festive said that she was able to get it to connect for about 10 minutes, but during that time it was extremely slow and eventually crapped out again. eventually i got it up and working – it was still slow but it was picking up speed. i then had to go on a rescue mission with bruno_boy to save zenmetsu from being stranded at union station and i figured that it would be up and working fine by the time i got back. got back around 1:30 a.m. and the internet had crapped out again.

went home for the weekend. it came back up at least once (i was able to see that michelle was able to get online), but when i came back to the apartment it had apparently just crapped out again. tried resetting it again but still no luck.

it was still out this morning so i figured if it was still down when i got back from work then i’d try calling comcast. when i got back from work and tried calling their tech support team i got a message that it was saturday, january 27, and that they had extremely high call volumes at the moment. a few minutes later i got another message to call back during business hours and the call disconnected.

i tried hooking the modem directly up to my computer to see if it was a problem with the wireless access point and i still had issues. i unplugged the cable signal booster (when we first moved in it was almost impossible to get an internet connection due to poor line quality), connected the modem directly up to the wall, and then plugged it directly into my ethernet port… and it worked! in fact, it worked very well:

holy crap, my internet connection can go that fast?

i looked at my ip address and it seemed a bit odd… i’d never had a 24.126.*.* ip address, it was always 68.140.*.*… so, i poked over to to see where this address was from…

los angeles?! if i were there i’d be having an in-n-out burger! and i’m getting 22720kbps across the country?? did someone replace my cable internets with folgers crystals FIOS?? what’s the deal, mama?

i hooked the cables back up (this time i left out the signal enhancer) and plugged everything back in. i had to unplug the cable from the modem again, and this time i got my good ol’ silver spring ip address and the internets are back up and running. everything seems stable so far, and maybe even a little bit faster. i wonder why the signal enhancer isn’t needed anymore? and how did i get an ip from across the country?

eta: oh yeah, and the reason why i’m sore is because my left front-channel speaker swiveled upside down and clonked me on the head while i was fiddling with the wires behind the tv. ouchums! at the very least it should have done the THX sound effect when it kabonged me. 😛