#4350 – "the right of the people … to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

i went into dc today to enjoy the nice weather and to see if i could find someone at random that would let me take portraits of them for my class assignment. when i parked at the metro center it was almost impossible to find a parking space – i had to pull into a spot when someone else was leaving. i figured it was because of the auto show this weekend, but then i remembered there was also a big protest going on downtown. i didn’t find a person to take portraits of (well, i did, but they were of these two girls, and i don’t think the pictures i took of them are that great portrait-wise), so i figured if i was going to be going into photojournalism i might as well get some practice. mostly took photos with my film camera (i NEED to get a film scanner and get on the ball about learning to develop my film myself – i’ve got a roll of color film ready to be developed, and finished my first tri-x black and white film roll today and started on my second tri-x roll), but took about a dozen photos with my digital camera:

only about five turned out really well – three from the protest, and two from elsewhere in dc. i’m trying to mind my internal photo-editor… it’s easy to take a ton of photos and post a ton as well, but it’s harder and more satisfying to only post the best. as my instructor noted, pros can shoot a ton of crap photos like anybody else, they just don’t choose to show them off.



Holidays can make left turns? Since when? What’s next? “Yield for the 4th of July”?

National Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of the American Indian

Uncle Sam

for the most part the protesters were well-behaved. i found some counter-protesters who were engaged in a shouting match with some of the marchers with a few capitol police officers standing around and in the middle of the two groups to keep them under control, and got photos of that as well. a few people tried to foist pamphlets and fliers on me, so when they waved their papers at me i just waved my camera back at them and said no thanks. and, of course, some of the nutters were out and about – 9/11 conspiracy theorists, larouchies, communists, and people who probably wear tinfoil hats.

still, no matter your view on the protest, it’s nice to see people using their right to peacefully petition and be involved with their government.