#4344 – steak of the union

if i were the president, i’d replace my “state of the union” speech with “3-2-1 steak of the union”… and you’d better believe that the “president’s cabinet” would have some steak knives in it!


kkthemook: haha i just saw your LJ post…i see now why you want to be president

me: hahahaha

me: see

kkthemook: DO IT

me: i’d totally make a great president

kkthemook: the public would never expect it

me: instead of “a chicken in every pot”, it’d be “a hawt chix smokin’ pot”

kkthemook: and then people without closed captioning would hear “a chicken in every pot” and you’d be the best president ever…because people will get a welcome surprise

me: bahahahahahhaahahahhha YES