#4342 – thumbs up

Thumbs Up

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so far so good with the pictures from the kickoff today – i’m only about a third of the way through editing them, though.

this phone (the lg-vx9400) lets you watch tv signals… my ol’ coworker pal kenrick and i were looking at it and i had him take a picture of me with it, and i saved it as the wallpaper so when other coworkers i know would come by to try it out they’d see me on it, hahaha… it’s the only picture of me at today’s event since i was the “official” photographer and all…

i’ll have to finish editing the pictures tomorrow. at least the hardest editing is over with (and it wasn’t even that hard in the end – i was making editing out a harsh shadow right behind someone’s head tougher than it really needed to be) – yay quick mask + gradient + shadow/highlight adjustment! boo on trying to mask out individual hairs!