#4341 – take THAT, 4x4s!

drove back to the apartment from home, and it was still snowing/sleeting. for about 75% of the drive back i was driving in the middle/left-hand lane which appeared to be less-plowed and not-as-treated as the right-hand lane. but, thanks to the awesome handling of the mini cooper, i was able to ride back home without having to sit behind cars going 25 miles per hour. i mean, jeez people, sure there’s snow and ice, but in the right-hand lane you were in it wasn’t bad at all!

i cracked up when i saw these sport utility vehicles and other 4x4s in the right-hand lane poking along, and here i come in my little mini right alongside them – vroom! go go better handling and skid-prevention-power!

tomorrow is the day i do the photoshoot for work. game-face: on! i admit, it’s making me a bit nervous. especially since i think i looked at the hotel next door to the one that the event is at (it’s at the hilton, and the next day there’s going to be some meetings next door at the marriott, and i think that i scoped out the marriott instead of the hilton. hopefully i’ll be able to get some good portraits and that the scenery isn’t that different).

on the bright side, i only have to “work” from 9am-12:30pm!

i still don’t know if dematha will be open tomorrow so i can get a cal ripken presentation ticket before work. they haven’t closed the county schools yet for this snow, though some counties in virginia have closed up for tomorrow already.