#4335 – paying for the privilege

look! steven tyler is the new hypnotoad!

i woke up this morning and saw mikey b’s away message:

mikey b: survey: would you rather hang out with your wang out OR rock out with your cock out? discuss…

me: i’d prefer to wang chung with chris rock

work today wasn’t bad, but the day went slowww. the week itself has felt like it’s been fast, but today itself just crawled by.

while i was at work i figured i’d set up my exam for my statistics class since it’s nearing the end of the semester and all. i had my exam for my writing class in the fall semester, and i figured that since this statistics class goes from november to february that it’d be a “winter” class. nope, turns out it’s a “mid-fall” class, and that the registration for mid-fall class exams ended on december 15 — one month ago! oops! even though the exams for fall mid-fall classes haven’t even begun, it turns out that i need to register for a makeup exam, and that involves filling out a form online with an entry-box where i have to write my reason for needing a make-up exam and another box for my credit card info so that they can charge me $30 for the privilege of taking a make-up of an exam that hasn’t even occurred yet!

i can’t wait to take my photojournalism class – the instructor sent out an email tonight:

Hi class,

Just wanted to send a quick email welcoming you to JOUR 350 Photojournalism in the digital world. It should be a very challenging, interesting and hopefully fun class. We have tons of material to cover and lots of technical stuff to get through so I thought I would give you your first ‘ungraded’ assignment. Check out the syllabus on Webtycho.

Ok, here is the assignment. Please gather up a photo of yourself (or take a self portrait) and resize it to 72 dpi at about 5×7 inches. I would like for you to email this photo to me so that I can start learning your names before I get to class next week. Now, if you don’t how to resize and image to 72 dpi that is ok we will learn that in class. But if you do or maybe someone you know can help you that would be a great way for me to get to know you and your name.

Please bring your photo to class and be prepared to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background in photography and what you expect to get out of the class… ok thats all for now…

See you next week, we will be meeting at SFSC 1248.

turns out he meant to say “bring your camera to class”, but still, the class sounds interesting! the book for the class is $95, though. 😛 i don’t even know how much the books are for my other classes, either. i’ll have to wait at least until the end of the month when i get paid before i can even think of getting my books, though.

…wait, nevermind. though the school bookstore specifies the 8th edition of the book, i found the 7th edition in the local library and reserved it. i also found a copy of the associated press stylebook in the library and reserved that for my writing for the mass media course. unfortunately i still need the main text for that class, as well as the text and lab manual for my physical science class.

i told a few of my coworkers that i’m going to keep the bit about studying for a journalism minor a secret from my parents, so that way when i graduate i’ll be all “surprise! look what i also got!”, hahahaha…

i’m glad tomorrow is friday. i don’t know what my plans are for this weekend yet, though. monday is the photoshoot for work… and i think when i did my location-scouting, i think i actually might have scouted out the hotel next door to the one our event is at. hrm.