#4333 – coast to coast

there might be a coast-to-coast road trip in the works for 2007… went to meet with some ol’ coworker pals tonight, and was talking with my ol’ coworker pal gary and his brazilian wife – gary and i had done a road trip down to atlanta about a year and a half ago, and he said that we should do another road trip sometime and we got to thinking about a coast-to-coast road trip.

he figured that there had to be a goal in mind, so if we were to go then we’d drive out to los angeles, learn to surf, and then drive back home, hahahahaha…

also, guess who might get to see cal ripken give a presentation hosted by sports announcer james brown at my old high school? i’m going to stop by the school thursday morning and get a ticket – only $10! hope they don’t sell out by then, especially since it was only announced today!

eta: oh, and i’m an idiot… so i was telling my ol’ coworker linwood while at the restaurant/bar he plays piano at tonight about how i’m setting up a photography business, and the cute girl behind the bar overheard and asked “oh, you take pictures? i need some headshots. do you do headshots?”… i told her that i do pretty much all sorts of photography and that i can do portraits and such. too bad i didn’t have any cards with me to hand out!

then again, i don’t want to start getting “new” clients until i get more things about the business straightened out, so i guess it’s ok. and besides, i might be taking some photos of linwood sometime for his site – good, good.