#4330 – can i have $500,000+? please?

i’m starting to get stuff ready for my site and was putting up a splash page for the meantime – i got to looking at the original-sized image of the picture in my icon here and i’m still surprised at how much detail you can actually see in that original-sized image. it’s a little grainy because when i was first editing the photo i was trying to imitate film-grain, and i think it actually adds some good texture to the photo. grain is actually another one of the reasons why i’m interested in doing stuff with film now besides learning how to develop and create prints on my own… when i order prints of photos i’ve taken with my digital camera, they look too, well, i don’t really know how else to explain it other than by saying they look “sterile”. my rebel xt is still great for taking photos for online, though.

yesterday i hung out with bruno_boy; we went into dc so i could check out one of the penn camera locations in dc… while we were there, i picked up some tri-x 400 black and white film, and i also got a wireless remote for my camera (yay, now i can do better self-portraits! too bad it won’t work with my film camera, though…), and a replacement lens cap for my 50mm f/1.8 lens. afterwards, we walked through dc, took the metro over to the woodley park/zoo/adams morgan station, and walked through adams morgan to dupont circle before coming back to the apartment.

we watched a few episodes of “how it’s made” and felt bad for all the baby chickens with what they have to go through in a chicken-hatchery. zenmetsu called to say he was running a bit late, so dave and i went out in search of eats and ended up back in dc while trying to find someplace interesting to get food from.

we started our mst3k night by watching “invasion of the neptune men”, and after that we watched “operation double 007” (starring neil connery, sean connery’s brother). later, dan, kat, dave, festive, spelchec and i went in search of eats around 1 or 2 in the morning or so. we went to the tastee diner in laurel and had some good eats and a good time with the old guy that was there as waiter/cook/cashier. eventually we all finished hanging out around 3 or 4 am.

today i ended up waking up around 3 pm, took a shower and had some eggs and decided to go out doing some exploring around 5 pm… went to the hotel we’re going to have our kickoff at to see if i could find a good place for taking portraits, and i’ve got some ideas. i’ll have to see if i might be able to find something to use as a backdrop though, just in case. i’ll need to remember to bring my small stepladder from home too, just in case i might need something for the people to sit on when i take their pictures.

afterwards i figured that since i had my cameras with me and since i was near baltimore that i’d go take some pictures of the inner harbor; one of my coworker friends had moved from baltimore down to florida back in july, and a few months ago when i sent her a picture of my cubicle with my giant photo of manhattan pinned up she had originally thought it was a picture of baltimore… when i told her that it was a photo of new york city, she said that if i ever took one of baltimore then she’d want to buy one from me. i had been wanting to take some pictures of the inner harbor for a while anyways, so i set my tripod up on top of federal hill and took some photos. unfortunately i had forgotten the part of the tripod that screws into the bottom of the camera to attach the two together, so i had to hold the camera down against the tripod and try not to move it by accident. i got some photos with my film camera as well while i was up there – full 35mm frames are weird for me to work with when i’m used to the cropped sensor of my digital rebel xt… there’s so much more that fits into the picture!

walked back through the inner harbor, past the power plant, through little italy, and back to my car. i was originally going to park up by federal hill, but apparently the free parking is only until 2 pm on sundays, and after that time a residential parking permit is required. i never really really mind the walk, though, and i get 3 hours of free parking in little italy. i had parked on the street next to the canal street malt house lofts, and i had to stand outside and gawk at it – a few of the people living there had their lights on and with the large floor-to-ceiling windows you could see a bit of what their lofts look like, and i’m super-jealous of this place, it looks really nice! does anybody have half-a-million dollars i can have so i can move in? 😛 i stood outside on one of the upper-levels of a parking garage across the street and took a few photos of the building to finish up my roll of color film. now i can start using my black & white film! hooray!

drove back to annapolis to see if my W2 form arrived in the mail yesterday (it still hasn’t). i also figured that if i can also view my W2 form online then i can start my taxes then. i think the rest of the family had just left to go somewhere just before i got there since the motion-sensor light was on and the minivan was gone, so i fixed myself some dinner and edited my photos while waiting for them to come home. when there was still no sign of them at 11 pm i figured it was time for me to go back to the apartment. i wonder where they went?

i think it’s rather silly that i have to go to work tomorrow on a federal holiday when i’m in a team that does maintenance to federal accounts. 😛