#4328 – i'm now both the janitor & the CEO

guess who now has an EIN? no, i don’t mean one of these:

i mean one of these:

i figured if i wanted to get work to pay for me for taking photos as an inside/outside-consultant then i had better get one. well, actually, i had figured that i had better get a sales tax license. the thing is, the state of maryland says “hey, guess what? you don’t need a business license to do a sole proprietorship, but you do need a sales / use tax license, but to get a sales / use tax license you don’t need an EIN,” while the page after that says “lol hay guys guess what we’ve since changed our minds and you’re now required to have an EIN to fill out this form.”

so, now i have an EIN, and i’ve filled out the sales tax form, and since i wanted to have a more “professional” site for putting myself out for hire (lol prostitution) i’ve also registered (though there’s nothing on there yet) so i can keep that separate from my personal site – my section is good for a personal photo portfolio, but not really for a business, no matter how small-time i may be.

crap, now i need new business cards! haha…

my photo assignment at work is becoming pretty involved now – i need to go to the hotel we’re having this kickoff at sometime this coming week (preferably sometime this weekend if i can) so i can scope it out. one of the marketing consultants working on setting up for the event told me that they’ll need some uniform headshot portraits for about 5 or 6 associate directors as well as our vice-principal of federal accounts (probably the only time i’ll ever be the one telling the VP of federal accounts what to do while on the clock and on the job, hahaha), as well as photos of/during the event. i figure i’ll try to find someplace ahead of time there where i can do these portraits without having a distracting background. if i can’t find a place with a non-distracting background, well, i’ll worry about that once i get to that point.

the marketing consultant lady told me that they’d need high-quality/resolution versions of these portraits / images since they might be published in some sort of newsletter or something – i don’t know if these’ll be sent to other people in the federal accounts support team government service center (they changed the name of our department as of today, heh), or if they’ll be going to the customers, or what. she also said that it’s possible that these portraits could be sent out with press releases over the wire, so that’d be exciting too.

drew, my coworker buddy who’s helping organize this event, told another one of the marketing consultants that i was going to be doing the photography, and the guy he told was real happy about that since apparently he didn’t care for the guy they had hired before – the guy they had previously hired for photos charged “an arm and a leg” (which is apparently $1700) for each photo event that he did, and i guess he was a pain to work with as well. he was even late both of the times they hired him!

i’m re-thinking my idea of $300 / event, especially after hearing all that. $800 maybe? $1000? i need to remember to increase it for tax now, too.

mom’s filling out the job application information for her new position – she had been working as a temp employee for a financial services company, and they’ve hired her now as a permanent part-time employee… she started to brag about her title while she’s filling out the forms…

mom: “i’m now a client service associate.”

me: “yeah, well, i’m now the CEO. i get to say that now since i’ve got my own business!”

mom: “…showoff.”

i came home tonight to see if my W2 form has arrived (it hasn’t). no taxes for me to do yet.

i’m going to go into dc tomorrow to penn camera (going to check out a location other than the laurel one i usually go to) so i can adventure it up on my way there with my film camera, and pick up a roll or two of tri-x film, and maybe the remote control for my digital camera. unfortunately the remote won’t work with my film camera, but them’s the breaks. it won’t take any remote, actually. oh yeah, and i need to get a new 52mm diameter lens cap for my 50mm f/1.8 lens – i had it a week ago, but it went missing somewhere between the house and my apartment when i left the house last sunday, and i haven’t been able to find it since then. it’s not around where i had the camera here at the house last week, a quick look in my car hasn’t turned it up, and it wasn’t on my camera when i set it down last week. i wonder where it went?

i think i’ll check into what other equipment / chemicals i’ll need for developing while i’m there too.

tomorrow evening bruno_boy and zenmetsu and i are going to watch some mst3k and maybe do shenanigans. stueypark would join except he has a reenacting event and is going to baltimore afterwards. oh well. maybe we’ll get a chance to hang out with scooter81 while we’re at it?