#4319 – know what?

i read the details about today’s macworld expo on my phone while i was at work, and if the iphone is as good as it seems to be then i’m pretty tempted to switch so that i can use it, employee discount be damned. what do i mainly use my phone for? well, from most- to least-often…

  • mobile web
  • email (via gmail, via the mobile web service)
  • text messaging
  • camera
  • vznavigator (gps navigation)
  • phoning people

    when i bought my phone, i couldn’t decide at first between the 9800, a palm treo, or a blackberry:

    the blackberry had a web browser and did email, but there wasn’t any camera. so, i didn’t want the blackberry.

    the treo has a slightly better web browser and email and camera, and it had the bonus of syncing with my computer (yay for PIM!) but it felt a little too bulky (59mm x 113mm x 23mm) to be carrying around all the time. so, i didn’t want the treo.

    the 9800 felt just a little bit smaller, but more manageable to carry around (50mm x 116mm x 25mm). for text messaging it’s great to have a full QWERTY keyboard, but the web browser isn’t that great (it’s only WAP, after all). the camera isn’t that bad (1.3 megapixels) either – it was the best in our phone lineup at the time actually. vznavigator is great (especially since i had my phone swapped out for a software issue and somehow i haven’t been billed for it since i downloaded it again to my current handset)…

    …but let’s look at what i use my phone for again, this time in the context of the new iphone:

  • mobile web (no more WAP browser!! hooray!)
  • email (via gmail, via the mobile web service) (email client built in!)
  • text messaging (pretty neat idea of sorting the conversations, but that’s not super important for me)
  • camera (i’ll have to see its quality for myself, but 2.0 megapixels > my 1.3 megapixels)
  • vznavigator (gps navigation) (google maps built in!)
  • phoning people (you mean people talk on phones nowadays?)

    the size is roughly the same as my current ipod (61mm x 115mm x 11.6mm for the iphone, versus my ipod’s 61mm x 104.1mm x 11mm). i’m going to wait and see how things turn out with it. it is pretty tempting since it seems like it’d solve many of my frustrations with my current handset. alibee pointed out there’s no user-replaceable battery, but then again i don’t think the palm treo devices (for example) have an “official” battery for purchase either.

    other interesting developments: an 802.11n airport extreme has been released. the ‘n’ bit of the 802.11 doesn’t really interest me that much at this time, since my computer can’t take advantage of the speed or range boost that ‘n’ provides. no, what interests me is that the base station has a usb port for either printer sharing or sharing a hard drive! the airport express hubs that i have, though they have a usb port, it’s only for printer sharing and oh how i would love to get my hard drives shared off of this thing. i wonder, if i had one of these airport extremes + a hard drive with both usb 2.0 and firewire, if i linked the hard drive via firewire to my existing drives and plugged it into the airport extreme via usb, would the other drives appear on the network? hrm, i wonder…

    some people are pooh-poohing the apple tv by saying “oh, well it only lets you stream video that you’ve purchased on itunes.” not so! if your itunes library can play it, then you can stream it to the apple tv. it has a usb port on the back, and supports 802.11n – woudn’t it be nice if this device provided both the video-streaming frontend (the apple tv), and the network-area-storage of an airport extreme with a hard drive attached? too bad they say that the usb port is for “service and diagnostic use”, though. people were also complaining that there’s no way to record stuff directly to the apple tv, too. this makes me wonder…

    the apple tv can support 720p video, and aac audio up to 320kbps. aac audio is capable of multiple channels (up to 48). why not rip dvds to your computer as H.264 codec video (you could go all the way up to 720p footage, though it’d be a bit overkill for non-hi-definition dvds) with 5.1 channel 320kbps aac audio, toss these files into itunes so it can share them with the apple tv, and stream them that way? bingo, your dvd collection at your fingertips! i wonder if this would even be possible? i wouldn’t put it past some people trying it, especially if they’re able to get something rigged up to record and save tv shows like a dvr into that copy of itunes which then tosses the files to the apple tv.

    enough about computer stuff.

    i was thinking more about registering for classes for this upcoming semester. i don’t know how many electives and such i need, at least not until they review my transcript. if i need ~15 credits of electives still, and however-many upper-level credits, maybe i might do a minor in something. most if not all of the minors that i’ve seen have been for 15 credits, and almost all of those credits have been for upper-level classes. some of the programs could be interesting! i’m thinking mostly about journalism; they have an art minor, but it’s all stupid stuff like drawing and painting, and no fun photography stuff at all. boo!

    oh! i got a call back from those vacation foolios; i let it go to my voicemail and they said to call back by 10pm tonight to schedule a meeting on the 11th or the 12th, but good luck trying to get me up to philadelphia by then since i don’t have gas to go to philly, and the whole thing seems a bit too good to be true. i might try calling them back tomorrow if i find out that i’ll get paid by this weekend and see if i can talk them into letting me come up on the weekend for giggles, and still stay super-skeptical about the whole thing. then again, i might not, and see if they try calling me back again, hah.