#4317 – credits

work went fast today. well, i guess it goes fast when you have a lot of coffee to drink. nothing like taking a bathroom break and getting a whiff of folger’s when taking a leak. 😛 they put me on the phone queue answering calls and i was jumping all over the screen when trying to click on certain links, heh.

i watched the movie “munich” on hbo tonight; i had been wanting to see it for a while – good movie. i was poking around at a few things online at the same time, so bits and pieces were a bit confusing, and though i’d like to watch it again it’s about 3 hours long and i don’t think i’d have the patience for that again, especially so soon.

i need to register for classes by the 11th. i went through my transcript and my list of required classes for school, and i think i know what ones would transfer from umbc to umuc. i’ve got no clue what they’re going to do for electives, though at least now i have an idea of what classes that i definitely need to sign up for.

tomorrow: macworld expo keynote! wonder what new toys steve-o will unveil?