#4311 – man in the long black veil

narie was taking recommendations for books, films, and cds, and for a cd i recommended “the long black veil” by the chieftains (which i had asked for and got for christmas). i started to wonder if there was another album that maybe i should recommend, so i clicked into my “recently added” music playlist in itunes and just shot my mouse across the screen and clicked on a song to start playing something at random, not paying attention to what i had selected.

so why did the song “the long black veil” then start playing? except… this one was from the album “at folsom prison” by johnny cash! i had finally imported the album into my itunes from when likeadream posted it online a month or so ago, and i didn’t even know this song was on there!

*looks suspiciously at his mouse* funny, it doesn’t look like something from an ouija board…

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