#4309 – i need to move into dc

sure, the article is almost a year old, and they’re not exactly serious (or official), but hey, at least it’s one step closer than you are to being on an olympic team:

“While the nascent organization begins its march through the Olympic bureaucracy, the curlers are training. They’re heading back onto the ice, and they welcome newcomers — District residents only. “We’re serious about residency,” Mike says. “After all, this isn’t the Miss America contest.”

Athletes in other sports are welcome, too. But if it’s curling you want, you have to make your peace with one distressing fact: There’s no place to curl in the District. The nearest curling sheet is in Laurel. The place is top-notch, the people there just lovely. But Panetta concedes that it feels slightly off: “It’s like training in a foreign country.”