#4307 – sweet!

i LOVE the tv show “how it’s made”. i think i’ve said that here before… it’s fascinating being able to see how things are put together from start to finish, and reminds me a little bit of mr. rogers’ old “picture-picture”.

tonight they’re showing how jellybeans and zambonis “ice resurfacers” are made, among other things. can’t go wrong with candy and zambonis!

my paid lj account expired today, and my bazillion icons have been placed in stasis until i renew. that’ll have to wait for about a week since i’m broke at the moment. what am i going to do with only 6 icons?? oh well.

eta: and now “extreme engineering” is showcasing a jetblue airplane terminal at jfk airport using the historic twa terminal as its entrance? awesome!

eta eta: and now a mysterious anonymous robin hood has given a paid account and more icons to the poor??? cheers to you, anonymous friend!