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film is confusing – there’s so many different brands and types of films to choose from: kodak, fuji, ilford… kodachrome, ektachrome, kodak professional ultra color, tri-x, kodak gold, kodak max versatility, velvia… the list could go on and on. digital is so much easier, there’s only two choices when it comes to digital: 1 and 0

i need to find a site that breaks things down for someone who knows what they’re doing with photography but doesn’t know what they’re doing with film and explains what’s good for what. and that’s just the actual photography bit – once the pictures are taken, then they need to be developed, and that’s another can of beans. i’d like to learn the development process for black and white photos myself, and i seem to remember that dad already has an enlarger that i might be able to use. color photos are too much of a hassle for developing by yourself, apparently.

it’s nice to know that once i get a film scanner that i can get film developed at penn camera without prints being made for only $3.99. then, once i get a film scanner, i can just get my film developed and scan them in myself. i’ve changed my mind slightly about getting a nikon film scanner – apparently the canon canoscan 9950f can scan all the types of films that i’d want to scan, from 35mm up to medium and large formats, and slides too. plus, with it being a flatbed film scanner, i can do other tricks that i might want to do that i wouldn’t be able to do with something that uses cartridges… i think. then again, i have a suspicion that canon’s about to come out with a new scanner to replace this model, it’s apparently their first dedicated film scanner, and doesn’t have it available anymore, even though people apparently bought theirs from there just after christmas and today it was listed on there buy only as a “used or new” purchase from an individual seller.

hmm… maybe when i go to the washington auto show later this month i’ll bring along a roll or two of different types of film and see how each one turns out.

i think i’m going to bring my camera with me to work tomorrow and try getting a few photos at work and on my lunch break. i keep wanting to use my film camera but there’s not much that’s interesting around the apartment to photograph.

i’m also super tempted about these. $200 per person, though! at least it includes lunch. 😛