#4293 – dogs and cats sleeping together, mass hysteria!

kylastyles and senpai82 are now engaged – i met up with them and with spelchec at the mall this evening for a bit.

now i’m shooting film. FILM! not digital. except… i would like to get a film scanner. either that or find my adapter for film for my current scanner, but the one that i have now doesn’t like using the backlight lid for scanning film so that doesn’t quite work. so, i will contemplate getting a film scanner.

i’m very nervous about shooting film. i also don’t like all this sitting around wondering how my photos turn out, either. ideally, i would like to learn to develop film on my own and put together my own darkroom, and then be able to scan in my film prints. i could do black and whites first, and then move on to color (black and whites allow you to use a red light, while developing color film must be done in complete darkness and is a bit trickier since the developing chemicals need to be used when they’re exactly at 100°F).

i was playing “drop the dollar” with pap-pap at christmas – he drops $2 bills, and if you catch it you get to keep it, and if you don’t catch it then you go to the end of the line until you do. this time i caught something a little different. notice anything odd compared to your usual dollar bills?

$2 US Note

(that’s now my desktop picture. it looks very neat!)

here’s the back:

$2 US Note (rear)

see, it’s not a “federal reserve note”, it’s a “US note”! that’s why it’s got a red seal and not a green one, and silver certificates have blue printing.

there’s apparently a special frank zappa album now on itunes to commemorate his birthday (December 21st). i’ve already got some WTF moments about this album and i haven’t even bought it yet! see:

When The Ball Drops 3:53

Artist: Diva Zappa

Producer: Dweezil Zappa, UMRK

Lyrics by Diva Zappa/Music by Diva & Dweezil Zappa (© 1999 Sexy Bitch, ASCAP)


  Diva Zappa – Lead Vocals

  Kristin & Tipper Gore, GZ, Diva, Lisa Loeb -background vocals

  Dweezil Zappa – Guitar, Bass

  Tipper Gore – Drums

i guess “GZ” is gail zappa, but wtf kristin and tipper gore and lisa loeb?!

and now spelchec says that gerald ford died??