#4284 – fios

verizon seems to be rolling out fios into my neighborhood; first a street around the corner was marked up by miss utility, then a few days later i saw some crews doing some digging and laying some wires. i noticed a few days ago that one of the trucks is a white pickup truck with “VERIZON CONTRACTOR” on the side.

silly webpage, i don’t have fios yet, and my name has two ‘n’s in it!

could be something to keep in mind, especially depending on how they end up supporting comcast sportsnet and/or MASN in hi-def. apparently they have both comcast sportsnet and MASN, but they don’t have comcast sportsnet in hi-def and MASN doesn’t broadcast in hi-def. who knows what MASN might do starting in 2007, though, especially as the orioles own MASN now and will be showing games on there exclusively.