#4277 – deja vu

so i was working at the towson town center kiosk, and this girl walks by who looks exactly like laura #1 from saturday’s howl at the moon party. later, i was walking around the mall and practically walked into her and she had a total deer-in-headlights look when that happened – either because of being surprised by me walking around the corner, or being surprised by me being me.

i swear that if it wasn’t her that it was someone who looks EXACTLY like her. very similar! her hair was a little bit faded from the reddish color she had on saturday (how much would hair dye fade in 2 days?), but that’s about it.

(and speaking of “deer-in-headlights” looks, the award for best deer-in-headlights look goes to spoothed for when the piano players shined the spotlight on her on saturday night! hahahaha!)

in other news, i need to go to howl at the moon on wednesday to fill out an application to be a door greeter (aka “the guy who takes the cover-charge”). also, i’m sure you already saw, i won #8 not two days after my last time there. hah! although, i guess if i get the job then that puts the kibosh on me getting these free parties. aww, phooey.

i also just had a very good talk with john1082, and he’s got some very good insight into fraternity matters; it’ll be good once we can get a chance to have him out at one of our monthly alumni nights.

tomorrow: more of the same – work, overtime, get my quiz done sometime in the middle (probably during my lunch break), call laura #2 to see how she’s doing, and then that’s it for overtime for me for the holiday season. thankfully i was able to get a monday-friday 9am-6pm shift again, starting january 1st!