#4272 – you win some, you lose some

so tonight i went to howl at the moon with bruno_boy, spoothed, and zenmetsu, as well as our pal kevin. the piano players at the bar totally recognized me and shined the spotlight on me to recognize me in the audience, and had me come up on stage a few times to dance. this hot redhead that was dancing with me on stage, i totally tried to get her number, but instead she totally gave it to one of the piano players instead and all i got was a kiss on the cheek when i tried to get her digits. lame! or, “that bitch! that slut! that whore!”, as the people in the bar would shout. so, that didn’t quite work out.


when she went off to the bathroom at one part, this other girl said “hey, my friend thinks you’re hot!”, and i totally ended up getting her friend’s number. go team me!

the weird thing is, both girls (the redhead, as well as the girl whose digits i got) are named “laura”. weiirrrddd.

the laura whose number i got is from new jersey, though. apparently tomorrow she’s “studying”. hrm. but i got her number and gave her my own, so good times all around. i still shake my fist at laura #1, though!

the other weird thing is this guy i went to high school recognized me and was all “did you go to dematha??”, and when i confirmed his question he said he had recently talked with a few people we went to high school with, and introduced me to his sisters and friends he was there with.

also, one funny thing: i was in the bathroom and one of the piano players (todd, the one who wears a sort of beret) was in there…

todd: “glenn!! how are you??”

me: “pretty good! i love coming here! my friends were saying how i’m like norm in ‘cheers’ when i come here, hahaha…”

todd: “yeah, we love it when you come here, you’re a natural comedian… i should see about getting you a free pass in here or something, you’re a lot of fun here!”

me: “awesome!”

i was also cracking up tonight when the piano players had me get up to dance for this one girl on stage and told me to take of “everything above the waist”, so when i took my shirt off the girl kept saying “OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY!!!” and i kept telling her “don’t worry about it, they know me here!”, hahahahahaha….

in short, the people at the bar love me there, the girl i tried to hook up with totally dissed me (boo!) but i totally got the number of another girl there (yay!), i couldn’t find the club my coworker was at for her birthday so i cancelled that idea, and i think that’s about all for the night!