#4268 – which broom is yours?

curling was good, as usual – i’ve continued my improvement streak and now my accuracy is really getting better… there were some instances where i saw a stone at the end and thought to myself “ok, i want to take that stone out”, and i set, aimed, and threw the stone so it hit the target perfectly! go team me! there were about 10 or so people learning to curl, and we had enough people to fill up all 4 sheets (32 people, and then a few members who weren’t in that big of a mood to play tonight).

it was also chuckles in that there was a guy and girl there learning how to play who looked EXACTLY like dylan moran (on the left) and lucy davis (on the right). EXACTLY.

one of the members, this guy name vincent, got a new broom for christmas… it’s totally black, with a carbon-fiber handle (or at least a handle that appears like carbon fiber) – he asked his parents if he could have it right when it arrived and they said that’d be fine, so he brought it with him tonight…

vince: “i need to think of a good name for my broom, like ‘winchester’ or something…” *holds broom like a rifle*

me: “well, since it’s black, you need to have a name with ‘black’ in it.”

vince: “well, YEAH. how about ‘black ass-kicker’?”

me: “…or ‘samuel l. jackson’. that’s the same thing, right??”

vince: “YES!!”

me: “and you can write ‘bad motherfucker’ on it and hang it up with the other members’ brooms on the wall – ‘which broom is yours, vince?’ ‘oh, it’s the one that says ‘BAD MOTHERFUCKER’ on it!”

vince: “AWESOME!! or like ‘snakes on a plane’! ‘get these mother-fuckin’ rocks off my mother-fuckin’ house!!!’ i like it!! i’ll just put ‘B.M.F.’ on there since there are little kids around here sometimes, though… but still, that’s perfect!”

later on someone else said he should name it “shaft”, and that was almost as good. i told vince that when i get a broom i’ll use which of those names that he doesn’t use.

unfortunately my team won (again – this makes #3) so we had to buy the booze.

i think in januaryish i’m going to join up, and first thing i’m going to get when i can will be a pair of shoes. too bad scrubbo and alibee aren’t in madison anymore – this guy (steve) and his wife and son run this curling-supply business out of their kitchen or something up there in madison, and apparently they sell stuff to practically every curler in the country, hah.