#4259 – the week in review

i’ve been so busy this past week that i haven’t really had a chance to do a proper write-up of what went on each day!

sunday: was going to rehoboth beach to do the photo shoot for my coworker and his partner for their christmas cards. woke up to find that whammywah called my phone! he didn’t leave a message though 🙁 dave – bruno_boy and i keep wanting to hang out with you and each time we get together we wonder what you’ve been up to! i’m kinda close to your place where i live now, too! we three should get together sometime and play some baseball or guitar hero on the ps2 – you’d love it! we miss you and need some chuckles!

photoshoot went well, came back to the dc area to get ready for dinner with this girl that had messaged me, but she never got back to me. guess i’ve been officially stood up now.

monday: worked overtime up in towson town center with karrie, one of my buddies from when i was first hired – she and i were hired at the same time and had gone through the initial wireless training together. saw a lisa loeb lookalike in the mall (hawt!), and gaiadea and geminid‘s friend karin recognized me at the mall.

tuesday: same thing, except this time no lisa loeb lookalike and karin wasn’t there that day. had some chuckles with the other people from a local call center working overtime – it was just karrie as the only sales rep, and us three call-center folks helping her out.

wednesday: went to the ram’s head rathskeller in savage mill in laurel for the lambda chi alumni night with some of the alumni from my chapter. worst service ever (the waitress absolutely disappeared after she took my initial order). one of the brothers who graduated around 11 years ago clanked johnhr11‘s bottle of natty boh so it was about to geyser and overflow, so john tried to stick his bottle in his mouth before it could overflow and it ended up shooting out of the bottle with such force that it shot out of his nose and across the room instead – absolutely hilarious! we figured it’s a good thing we don’t go to the same place more than once, hahaha…

thursday: curling night! really improved my game, and it was a ton of fun. my legs are finally starting to hurt a bit from that game, though. came back to the apartment and did a paper for my class as fast as i could (though i didn’t turn it in with the fonz in it, even though that would have been pretty funny) and though i turned it in before the deadline it was still a page shorter than the requested length. oh well.

friday: had my final exam for my communication class – they had it at the cole field house at college park… open-book exams were at tables down on the floor, while people taking closed-book exams had to sit up in one section of the arena seating. i was worried about some of the essays, but i think i did rather well even if i was pulling essay answers out of thin air for one or two questions. bruno_boy called and left a message during the exam, and i later met up with him and spelchec so dave and i could go zooming through baltimore to see “christmas street”. we first drove through the ghetto since i had the wrong side of baltimore in my phone’s gps navigator (i had east 34th street instead of west, or was it the other way around?). i also discovered that i should hide my iron before dave can do anything to it.

saturday: tried to get my tires rotated, but i showed up 30 minutes before my friend rob’s tire store / auto mechanic shop was closing, so i’m going to have to do that tomorrow instead. went to annapolis, hung out at the house for a few hours and got mom some ledo’s pizza before going back to the apartment and getting ready for a party: one of my fraternity brothers was having a birthday, and at his party you had to dress up like a holiday/day in history (but not christmas, since that’s too close to now). i did november 24, 1971 – “db cooper jumps out of a plane” day, and wore a leather jacket, a pair of pilot’s goggles, and a t-shirt that said “kiss me, i’m a pirate” (“air pirate”, get it? ha!)

it was originally going to be V-J day, but that still worked with this costume idea.

today i realized i could have been even another holiday in this pilot’s outfit… “MAYDAY”!

only a few other people had costumes, and producer_chris got a few pictures he says he’s going to send to me once he gets them on to his computer… one of them is the MOST INTENSE PICTURE EVAR. you’ll see! chris also said that he’s going to see if he can hook me up with this chamber orchestra that he’s kind of a stage manager for to see if i can do some photos for them (some of these pictures would be for free, while other gigs with them would be paid).

sunday: lazed around forever. made pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast at 3 pm. saved the leftover pancakes (i’ve got about a dozen of them) so i can bring them to work and microwave and eat there for breakfast instead. burned the bacon, but that’s ok since it still tasted fantastic – better than it being all rubbery. filled out the job application for the photography position with pr newswire…

me: i applied online for that position with pr newswire as a photographer

festive: oh?

me: it had this online multiple-choice survey asking things like “how many photos of yours have been published?”, “if you double-click on a layer in photoshop without holding down the ALT key, what window opens?”, and “how would you rate your experience with photography?”

me: and then after i answered those it said “congratulations, you’re a prime candidate for this position; please answer these following questions” which were things like “what agencies have published your photos, or if no photos have been published then why should we consider you for this position?”, “how do you deal with deadlines? give a specific example”, and “what’s your online portfolio’s address, or how will you be sending us your portfolio for review?”

festive: oh yeah?

festive: sounds pretty prime

me: yup

me: and it says that regardless of the outcome i should hear back in “a few weeks”

i noticed that their office is right near metro center – yeah being able to take the red line straight to the office if i get the job!

poked around a little bit online before hopping in the shower and driving back to annapolis to help with the tree. and now, time for bed!