#4250 – whew

so my last post was about being really worried while at work… i had heard my direct supervisor say “oh, great.” while reading his email, and later he was talking with another supervisor about something or other, and then i heard them talking about the facilities department and needing to get some things taken care of. they were saying something about having to get a crate.

so, later, this guy from the facilities team comes over to my cube and holds up the crate and asks if it was for me, and my jaw just kind of dropped and i stammered “uhh…” and pointed at my supervisor’s cubicle next to mine, and expected at any moment they’d be ready to march me out of the building. turned out it’s this lady in my department who’s going to be either leaving the team or is slowly transferring to another team or something weird like that, and it was for her to box up some stuff at her desk to bring to wherever she’s going. i’m still not sure if she’s leaving the company or what, but when they gave her the crate i was super-relieved. i mean, sleeping in by accident for two days in a row certainly can’t have helped me, but since i used half of a sick day each day then maybe it doesn’t count? it’s either not going to count for anything or it’ll be my downfall. hrmph.

that’s one reason i can’t wait for this week to be over, since then it’s a lot less likely that somebody will tell my supervisor “hey, go give glenn the boot!”.

i would have done a post as soon as my coworker got the crate and i didn’t, but it’s too much info for my phone to post, and i figured that it’d be easier to write out all at one time.