#4241 – here by the sea and sand / nothing ever goes as planned

so i told the girl yesterday that i’d give her a call today to find out more details, and we had agreed upon 8 pm for the time that we’d meet up. called her at 6 and again at 7:20 (since american university is about 35 minutes away) to find out where we should be meeting, but both times it rang and rang and went to voicemail – she might have forgotten to take her phone with her when she went to study…

in other news: i took my laptop to the apple store this morning, and they gave me an estimate that it’d take 3 hours for them to change the keyboard, and were done in 1 hour. by that time i was already on my way to rehoboth beach for that photoshoot. google maps said that it’d take 2 hours 30 minutes and i made it there in 1 hour 45 minutes. my mini is fast, fool!

the actual shoot didn’t take too long, but i’m impressed with how my coworker said that he and his partner used to try taking this shot with a tripod, and he was happy that having me take the photos didn’t have the shot take forever like the tripod does. i got two “scenes” of photos, and once we were done i went for a walk along the beach by myself and listened to “quadrophenia” as i walked around and took photos. i even bought some salt-water taffy before i headed back this way. i can’t go to the beach without getting some!

got some of my classwork for the week done before working on editing the photos from today. now that i’ve got the photoshoot photos edited, once these finish exporting so i can burn them to a cd then i can start work on editing the other photos i took by myself.