#4240 – the beach and the 'c' and a date for me

today i woke up and called a coworker who wants me to do a photoshoot for his and his partner’s christmas card with their dogs – normally they set up a tripod and try to get the dogs to pay attention, but that doesn’t work too well, so he’s having me do the shoot instead. it’s out in rehoboth beach, delaware (a 2 1/2 hour drive away), so i’m starting from home in annapolis so i can get a head-start. we were originally planning on doing the shoot today, but it took him a while to get back to me and didn’t catch me at work near the end of the week (he actually came by my desk after i had left for the day, believe it or not), and so we worked it out today for the shoot to go on as planned early tomorrow afternoon.

tomorrow morning i also need to get my laptop into the apple store so they can fix my keyboard, since my ‘c’ key has popped free, and it’s being fixed under warranty, and that’s good enough for me. see?

after the photoshoot, it’s back to the dc area – i’ve got a date for dinner tomorrow night. this is your cue to be surprised. 🙂